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September 2, 2019

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Customer and Employee Experience

As consumers, we have all grown accustomed to seamless digital experiences in most of our interactions with technology. This has led to expectations for near-flawless experiences in our work lives as well. However, reality often confronts us with a gap in this area.

The experience we have as an employee is not at all the same as the one we have as a customer.

You might be wondering if this matters and why it should

Because organizations struggle to attract and retain talented individuals to support their business goals and continued growth. An employee experience that doesn’t deliver on basic expectations can create frustration and end up being perceived as a negative experience overall. Therefore, offering a sub-optimal employee experience will not help organizations achieve their objectives.

According to Josh Bersin, Human Resources teams can improve the employee experience offered in their organizations by focusing on the activities listed below :

  • Use Design thinking: It is critical to use a “customer-centric” approach and interview, understand, empathize, interact, co-create with employees, test and improve before launching any definitive changes. It is critical not to “guess” or “assume” what employees desire, like or dislike. Rather HR needs to ask them
  • Start with the basics: what are the critical “moments that matter” at work? Look into these first and map out better solutions
  • Practice Co-creation:  There’s no way to improve the employee experience without employees being involved
  • Segment the workforce: a one-size-fits-all approach will not work with the different cohorts that are present in the workforce
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify: work on making things simple for users. It will help them have a more positive experience

Are your an HR leader and improving EX is one of your current goals ? Not sure where to start and would benefit from discussing with an expert about possible approaches to ensure success ?

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