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Bee'z Consulting: Your Trusted Advisor for Change Management Services

Is your medium-sized organization poised to embrace change
in today's fiercely competitive market?

Are you seeking a trusted partner to facilitate necessary transformation and upskilling in your team?

If the answer is yes, know that you are not alone in this journey.

A 2018 study by the Center for Creative Leadership identified key hurdles to digital transformation that are leadership challenges, not technical:

55% of organizations lack necessary internal skills,
46% struggle to design a clear vision of their transformational initiative,
36% seek support in integrating new technologies to enhance efficiency and growth,
34% need a change management partner to manage resistance to change.

If these challenges resonate with you, welcome to Bee'z Consulting.


At the core of any successful business are its people - both customers and employees.

At Bee'z Consulting, we specialize in organizational and cultural transformation, with an emphasis on people being an organization's greatest asset.

Our mission is to instill an agile mindset in your organization, paving the way for a culture of ownership and accountability, co-creation and co-development.

We empower medium-sized organizations to navigate their transformational journey, enhancing both customer and employee experiences.

We turn "moments that matter" into strategic elements of your business success.

Our Services


Looking for an adept advisor to review and enhance your current organizational footprint, practices, or processes?

Through our consulting services, we provide:

Change Management Strategy: We help organizations manage and adapt to change, supporting you in your transformational initiative

Continuous Improvement: We identify opportunities for efficiency gains and business growth

Organizational and Cultural Transformation: We reshape your organizational culture with an emphasis on agility and collaboration

Let's explore potential solutions together in a no-obligation consultation!In need of expert assistance for your transformational projects?

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In addition to our consulting services, Bee’z Academy offers training and mentorship programs in Leadership, Organizational Change, and Entrepreneurial skills.

Our programs cover:
• Interpersonal & Collaboration Skills
Team and Situational Leadership
Leading Change in Organizations
Team and Organizational Leadership
• and many others

Whether you're seeking support in designing a custom workshop or a comprehensive training program, we're here to help

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About Us


Founder & Managing Director

Silvina, your trusted advisor, brings over 25 years of strategic business partnership experience in driving capacity growth, fostering transformation, and focusing on talent development and workforce engagement.…

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