About Us

About Us

At Bee'z Consulting, we are more than just a consulting firm.

We are your strategic partners in transformation, anchored by a firm belief that your team is the key driver for growth and success within your organization.

We integrate organizational transformation expertise and a focus on people-centric processes to guide leaders, teams, and stakeholders through a journey of transformation.

Our goal?

To equip your employees with the tools needed for ongoing performance improvement, leading to exceptional experiences for your clients and employees.

Our service portfolio is designed to support your transformation in all aspects:
- Facilitating change with an emphasis on developing interpersonal capabilities.
- Fostering a cultural transformation for a resilient organization.
- Amplifying employee and customer experiences for increased satisfaction.
- Leadership training to forge the leaders of tomorrow.
- Crafting cutting-edge HR strategies and solutions.

Bee'z Consulting: We do more than help you navigate change. We help you embrace it

About our Founder: Silvina Layani

With a deep-rooted passion for change management and organizational transformation, Silvina Layani founded Bee'z Consulting with a simple goal: empowering businesses to become agile, adaptive, and ready for tomorrow.

As our Founder and Managing Director, Silvina brings over two decades of experience as a trusted advisor to C-level executives, assisting multinational organizations in navigating intricate projects and transformations in fast-evolving markets.

In today's business landscape where change is the only constant, Silvina's dedication to helping organizations adopt an agile mindset is more than a passion - it's a game-changer.

She equips her clients with the skills to face change head-on, turning potential threats into a competitive advantage.

Her expertise in Continuous Improvement, Lean, Agile practices (including Scrum, SAFe, and Design Thinking), and Digital Transformation, has proven invaluable to clients looking to pivot quickly and effectively.

Above all, Silvina prioritizes people. She understands that successful transformations hinge on the willingness of all parties to embrace new behaviors and processes. With this understanding, she creates customized solutions to drive engagement, develop leaders, and inspire lasting change.

Described by her clients as "trustworthy, creative, and passionate about people", Silvina communicates effectively at all levels of an organization.

She's not just a consultant, she's a trusted advisor, a mentor, and a catalyst for positive change.

When she isn't driving change in businesses, Silvina can be found exploring new places with her loved ones, mentoring students, or enjoying long walks with her dog.

At Bee'z Consulting, Silvina Layani's blend of deep expertise and customer-centric approach inspires trust and delivers results, time and time again.

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