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Why Change Management Matters in Business Transformation Programs

Published on
May 12, 2022

During these turbulent times, many companies are in transition.

And to be successful, to be able to “make it”, they need to change. They must employ strategies that will ensure smooth transformation so it will be easier on employees, customers, and processes alike.

Change can be tough at times, but with a thoughtful strategy and execution it is manageable. A business in transition must embrace change, even if it has been doing things the same way for decades. This means that any transformation program must be designed to help them implement changes as part of their ongoing operations.

Getting Business Transformation right

When managing a company, it is best to know will be most impacted by the upcoming changes and how this would affect their position in the organization. For example, when planning for business transformation, understand how each stakeholder will be affected by the change and ensure there are no gaps that could break the momentum of your planned changes.

Effective Business Change Management programs require strong support from the executives in all key areas to avoid resourcing, budget and timeliness problems and prevent confusion amongst employees who might not really welcome the change.

If a Business Change Management program is to be successful it must have the full support of top-level executives.

For a Change Management program to succeed, it is important to start by :

  1. Selling the Business Change Management program to senior management
  2. Ensuring business process change is tied back to business strategy
  3. Creating clear targets for employees

Then, the change enablement strategy needs to consider the following points :

  • Awareness of the reason for change needs to be secured
  • Motivation and employee commitment needs to be obtained
  • Plans should be realistic and achievable
  • The Change and project teams should use positive reinforcement and coaching

But it is not sufficient to explain what the change is about and how will impact people for success. Once the new structure or program is deployed, it will be extremely important to ensure that the change is embedded in the culture of the organization. Reinforcing the new process, culture or ways of working will be important in order to make the new reality sustainable.

Are you heading an organization that needs to undergo a transformation and you are not sure how to engage employees in the change ?

Then you are in the right place ! 👍

We are experts in transformation and change management with more than two decades of leading change initiatives in Switzerland and internationally. Our mission is to help Medium and Large Enterprises in their transformation to an agile and collaborative culture to fuel continued growth. Our proven methodology has successfully supported leading the human side of change in various settings with excellent results.

We can support your organization to advance your business transformation goals.

Contact us to discuss about your needs and identify how we can help you.


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