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Using data to catapult Education and the Learning Experience to extraordinary levels

Published on
February 19, 2020

Education around the world is changing at an incredibly fast pace. Software and devices are as commonplace in classrooms in the same way as whiteboards and overhead projectors were some time ago.

Technology can make instruction more personalized, therefore increasing the effectiveness of education. Furthermore, new generations of students are digital natives and they expect to find at school or professional education institutions similar technologies to what they find at home or elsewhere.

In parallel, teachers are flooded with administrative work and need support in grading assignments, ensuring each student grasps the basic concepts and checking that homework was done individually and with the right sources.

Every student is unique. Some learn quicker than others. Today even if some students can understand concepts quicker than others, we expect them all to follow one common curriculum. Imagine the potential we could bring to classes if students could get personalized learning that allowed them to advance at their own pace with a platform that customized the exercises and adapted the learning experience to the student's capability and rhythm while ensuring comprehension and acquisition of the needed concepts. This would encourage students to work and manage their own learning, skills that are essential for the modern workplace.

Amazing things can happen :

  • when technology connects the interests of students and the resources of teachers through collaborative applications,
  • when teacher and students can share information, ask questions to their teacher or even to their peers and
  • when students can go through a more personalized learning process

How do we transform our communities? We start by developing youth to be self-motivated to continuously learn and actively solve real-world problems

In the United States of America, Fresno Unified School District recognized the value in investing in their youth when they implemented the Personalized Learning Initiative. They have discovered that by placing an emphasis on student choice and the very intentional integration of technology in the classroom, they are indeed equipping students who are ready to tackle the challenges that come with bettering their community and those they will face in the workplace.Check out Fresno Unified School District's story by clicking HERE

What benefits might you see when you bring today's technology into your classroom? Contact us to learn more.

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