People and culture : the key ingredients of a successful digital transformation

February 29, 2020

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It is no surprise when we read that a great working culture is a critical factor for businesses. Culture is a key ingredient for improved performance, employee engagement, shared purpose, motivation etc…

And yet, changing, building, or sustaining a successful workplace culture takes effort and understanding.Companies willing to transform themselves need to disrupt the ways of thinking and working. They need to change the way their organization approaches business problems and how they collaboratively look for solutions to these if they are to thrive in the future.

"Many organizations forget to address the necessary cultural shift needed to change the mindset of workers, without which no digital transformation project is going to succeed." said Aashish Gupta, Gartner research analyst.

It’s not enough to have a clear sense of the vision for a transformation. Actually believing in it is crucial, and that’s where a good leader comes in.

Personal commitment to the transformation needs to be demonstrated by communicating a strong sense of purpose, showing passion, and disclosing beliefs and motivations in dialogue across the organization.

Purpose creates shared meaning, it attracts and motivates people, both as employees and partners, stimulating creativity and inspiring people to be at their best

It aligns with how the company creates shared value for all its stakeholders and connects leadership, strategy, and culture.Leaders who are able to humanize a transformation in these ways, by guiding their people through changes while also connecting with them, will be most successful.Getting people engaged in the dialogue and hearing the views of others will help them to buy-in to the strategy and what it means in terms of skills, expertise, and ways of working.Successful transformations require the involvement of people in the business and key stakeholders in the process of developing solutions and working out what needs to change.

Organizational Transformation by Bee'z Consulting

For digital transformation to succeed, it needs a fundamental shift in the way people work.

Transformation is not about trying to obtain new results with the same old tools and methods used in the past. Leaders seeking to lead a successful organizational transformation will need to try new approaches. Skills and mindsets will need to evolve from the traditional ones and a change in the activities that employees do will need to take place.According to studies by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) the percentage of organizations that reported breakthrough or strong financial performance was five times greater among those that focused on culture than it was among those that neglected culture in such transformations.

Therefore, for the organization to evolve, a compelling agenda for change needs to be communicated and a culture where agility and collaboration are daily behaviors needs to be instilled

Employees' behaviors and interactions with inside colleagues and external stakeholders will need to evolve. It will require instilling a culture, eventually new values and a new set of behaviors that define how things get done in an organization.

Does your organization need to undergo change ? Do you need to define the change agenda to ensure your employees understand what is required of them during the change process and afterward, but you are not sure what the best approach is ?

At Bee’z Consulting we are experts in organizational transformation who strongly believe that people are the main asset and the best investment for successful businesses. Our mission is to support organizations like yours in their path to an agile and collaborative organization to fuel continued growth.Reach out to us! We have successfully helped others, we can help you too.

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