Mindset is to a person, what company culture is to an organization

January 18, 2021

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Digital and Cultural Transformation

Why is it difficult to transform our organizational culture? Do you know ?

Aligning a company’s workforce with the desired culture can improve performance against revenue goals by 9 percent, according to Gartner, Inc.

However, only 31 percent of HR leaders believe their organizations have the necessary culture to drive performance.😟

Maybe, the reason for this low level of alignment is that culture is difficult to change.Why? Well, simply put, because:As mindset is to a person, culture is to the company.

And we all know that changing our mindset, our way of viewing the world, is not easy...

Culture is a feature of individuals' cumulative collective habits. As a result, a transformation process needs to overtly deal with adjustment, as driven by the demands of the new organization or business model.

The company's existing culture needs to be examined to identify any underlying gap with the desired future state's demands. Nine times out of 10, if the company does not purposely address cultural transformation throughout the change, the initiative will certainly have a hard time delivering the expected results or will fall short.

Although challenging, leaders should let go of the idea to closely manage and direct the transformation process. Still, they will need a navigating system to ensure that they are targeting the right destination.

The improvement will be achieved if a critical mass of the workforce adapts their mindset change to deliver the expected end result.

The change will only be completed when a vital mass of the company has actually adopted the new mindset.

The fastest method to accomplish this is not through emails, presentations, and training, but rather by promoting employees' participation in the definition of the "desired-state". All stakeholders need to be involved in defining the future and also the procedure of developing it.

Does your organization have the right culture to succeed in our changing times ?

What are you doing to foster the mindset and behaviors your company needs to drive performance?  

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