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How to Manage Change in the Healthcare Industry (and Engage Employees)

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June 27, 2023

How to manage change in the healthcare industry? Over the past few years, change management has taken center stage in many organizations, from healthcare to pharmaceutical to medical industries. The reasons have been as varied as the Covid-19 pandemic’s repercussions, technology upgrades, or even mergers and acquisitions.

But whatever the trigger for such wind of change, leaders need a well-thought-out plan. The absence of such a roadmap can leave employees feeling adrift, impacting their wellbeing, and, ultimately, their productivity.

Whether you are a clinic, a hospital or a pharma leader facing new challenges, change will look similar : when change is in the air, different people can feel different ways. Some might feel scared or worried, while others might feel happy and excited about new chances coming their way.

If you’re a leader looking at the big task of managing change and wondering how to start, don’t stress!

Here are some proven tips that can help you guide your team through the bumpy journey of change while making sure they stay interested and supportive along the way.

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1. Communicate the change and keep employees updated about upcoming changes

Remember the adage, “Knowledge is power?”.

That’s particularly true during times of change.

Let your employees know about the shift :
- Why it’s necessary
- What it involves
- And how it will benefit them.

💡 Application in the Healthcare, Medical and Pharmaceutical industries :

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the Mayo Clinic had to rapidly change their operations.

To keep everyone on the same page, the leadership hosted daily briefings and used multiple channels like emails and digital signs to update their staff.

This clear, frequent communication helped everyone understand and adapt to the changes effectively. Their approach shows the power of communicating changes promptly and transparently in healthcare settings.

2. Involve employees in the process of change

Change becomes less intimidating when people feel they have a say in it.

By involving your team in the planning and execution of the transition, you can minimize resistance and promote acceptance of the change.

💡 Application in the Healthcare, Medical and Pharmaceutical industries :

The Danish pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk, is a shining example of this.

They created cross-functional change teams during their ambitious transition to global business services, allowing them to garner varied perspectives and ideas.

3. Provide training and resources to enable the change

Ensure your team members are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle the change.

Training and resources will help them grasp the new workflows and processes.

💡 Application in the Healthcare, Medical and Pharmaceutical industries :

GE Healthcare’s FastWorks initiative, aimed at promoting innovation and customer-centricity, succeeded due to a strong emphasis on employee training and resource provision.

4. Offer support to help your people adopt the new reality

Your team will look to you for support and reassurance during the transition.

Make yourself available, listen to their feedback, and address their concerns.

💡 Application in the Healthcare, Medical and Pharmaceutical industries :

Mayo Clinic, one of the largest and most respected hospitals in the world, consistently ranks high in employee satisfaction due to a strong culture of support and active listening.

5. Celebrate success with your people and recognize your team

Even the smallest victories matter during a time of change.

By acknowledging individual contributions and celebrating minor successes, you can motivate your team and build morale.

💡 Application in the Healthcare, Medical and Pharmaceutical industries :

Pfizer, a pharmaceutical giant, is well-known for their ‘Bravo!’ program that encourages recognition of individual and team contributions, boosting morale during change.

Examples of successful transformations in the healthcare industry

Are you interested in other examples of successful transformations in the Healthcare industry ?

In the video below you will find some nice additional examples 😉

Remember, navigating change isn’t about having all the answers, but about being open, inclusive, and empathetic.

Engage your team, listen to their ideas, and offer them the tools and support they need.

Together, you can turn any change into an opportunity for growth and success.

Are you considering change or currently going through a process of change management within your organization?

Are you experiencing a feeling of overwhelm at the thought of doing this? Then, you are in the right place !

If this all sounds familiar and you need some professional guidance and support with your business, please contact us for an informal chat so that we can get started with achieving your goal !

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