How can I develop into a Transformational Leader ?

May 2, 2020

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What is Transformational Leadership ?

  • Transformational leaders are those who are actively working to develop their leadership skills while also inspiring their followers to perform extremely well (Bass, 1985).
  • Transformational leaders improve engagement and enhance motivation in followers, while at the same time inspiring them to strive for organizational goals and a collective good above mere self-interest.
  • They remove obstacles to communication inherent to most organizational structures and enable the organization to work effectively. Such leaders' strength and enthusiasm help boost collaboration between peers and team members, empowering them to become stronger than the sum of their parts.
  • Transformational leadership plays a vital role in fostering a learning environment within organizations and empowers workers to achieve corporate goals. It's a style of management allowing staff the freedom to be innovative, look to the future, and discover fresh approaches to old problems.

Dr. Les Stein, assistant professor at the Master of Science in Leadership program at Northeastern, claims that every organization, no matter how effective they might be, will benefit from the leadership of a transition leader. Above everything, he says, "Transformation doesn’t have to always be from bad to good. It can be from good to great, or simply good to better. The point is, [a transformational leader will] change their institution in a way that’s always positive.”

Furthermore, Stein states that companies with a poor culture can benefit the most from this kind of constructive intervention. “Organizations will benefit most from a transformational leader when their culture is such that people aren’t sure if they buy into the vision of the organization, [or they don’t] seem to have that collective enthusiasm for their product.”

How do I become a Transformational Leader ?

Here are a few tips to explore transformational leadership and find ways to apply it in the workplace :

1. Work on Yourself as a Leader

It is important to look at how you work as a leader before you can start implementing improvements to your staff and your organization. Successful transformational leaders are empathetic, charismatic, and inspirational.

2. Create the Proper Culture in Your Workplace

Corporate culture is a growingly significant element of the overall work environment of an employee. It is not only important to ensure that the staff feels valued and supported, but the environment should also promote teamwork, creativity, and connectivity.

3. Practice Identifying and Facilitating Core Values

The first (and perhaps the most significant) effect that a transformational leader will have is identifying and clarifying the values of a company.

What are you doing to increase Transformational Leadership in your organization ?

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