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The role of governance in driving positive change in healthcare

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April 15, 2024

In the healthcare sector, the way healthcare institutions are led, regulated, and organized not only influences the quality of care and patient management but also the working conditions of medical and technical teams on the ground.


What does governance exactly refer to

Governance in the context of healthcare encompasses various aspects, including :

  • Decision-making processes,
  • Allocation of responsibilities,
  • Transparency,
  • and Accountability.

The impact of governance on the quality of care

A "good" governance, or at least a governance that focuses on finding and implementing the best processes for the functioning of the establishment while respecting the rights of employees, will inevitably have an impact on the quality of care at the end of the chain.

Different governance structures can influence treatment protocols and patient safety. Preventing medical errors and avoiding premature diagnoses must be at the heart of concerns. Promoting a patient-centered approach should be actively encouraged.

Unfortunately, the lack of resources weakens healthcare structures as a whole over the years, degrading the existing governance models and taking away the time initially reserved for consultations.

Is it a fate against which no one can fight ? Not necessarily. All hope of improving the internal processes of one's healthcare facility is not lost yet. 😊

How to optimize the governance model of your healthcare facility and facilitate change management?

1. Optimizing your governance model

Optimizing your governance model and undertaking to reverse the trend can be achieved by:

  • Investing in infrastructure, replacing departing staff, hiring to deliver new services, and new medical equipment to reduce waiting times for patient consultations.
  • Implementing evaluation mechanisms within the establishment if they do not already exist.
  • Reassessing internal processes to identify areas for improvement.
  • Strengthening the policy of continuous training.
  • Involving stakeholders : the management should encourage physicians, nurses, administrators to engage in the study of new governance processes. This involvement also leads to better acceptance of proposed changes.
  • Or, the integration of digital management systems for medical records processing, teleconsultation, and patient monitoring to streamline administrative and clinical processes (see the article on EHR ⤵️).

2. Simplifying change when implementing new policies

When it comes to implementing new policies or modifying existing processes, it's important to simplify the transition process as much as possible.

By providing adequate support and resources to help staff adapt to new practices, you maximize your chances of successfully navigating this transition !

🐝 Bee’z Consulting specializes in change management in healthcare facilities.

Improving governance while considering specific needs

Reviewing your governance framework helps reduce inequalities in access to care.

  • Elderly individuals,
  • Pregnant women,
  • Premature babies,
  • Patients with rare diseases or disabilities,
  • Exhausted migrants and/or separated from their families,
  • ...

Patient profiles have always been diverse but must also be recognized as such to allow for care to be tailored accordingly.


The adaptation of care should not be an open door to discriminatory attempts. The governance you implement should provide a clear vision of "on-the-ground" practices. Adaptation of care should go in the right direction, meaning the ethical and respectful care of all individuals.

Access to healthcare worldwide: inequalities due to various factors 🌏

Governance policies sometimes affect equity in access to healthcare, especially for marginalized or disadvantaged populations.

Fair planning and allocation of resources are necessary to meet the needs of the population without distinction based on : 

  • gender, 
  • beliefs, 
  • customs, 
  • mobility, 
  • physical abilities,
  • ethnic origin, 
  • or social status.

Inequalities in access to healthcare exist globally and are increasingly being addressed. However, it is evident in some countries that rural areas and disadvantaged neighborhoods suffer from limited or even non-existent access to modern medical devices. 

Qualified and competent healthcare professionals are also scarcer.

With healthcare systems differing from one nation to another, inequalities are further exacerbated, affecting low-income households as well.

In conclusion

Governance plays a fundamental role in promoting equity and quality of care. By optimizing the governance model and fostering a patient-centered approach, healthcare facilities can contribute to addressing disparities in healthcare delivery.

Access to healthcare should be a universal right, regardless of an individual's social, economic, or geographical situation. As change sometimes elicits resistance within teams even when the cause is noble, it is advisable to surround oneself with support during these intense and often destabilizing periods for a healthcare facility.

Silvina Layani

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The role of governance in driving positive change in healthcare

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