The Hacking HR community was launched in Lausanne to help reinvent HR practices

June 30, 2019

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Reinventing Human Ressources

With rapid changes—both technological and in the organization of work – everyone is conscious of the need to review the approach to work.Evolution is forcing modern organizations to look for ways to re-invent themselves to focus more on humans, whether these are their customers, partners or their employees.

Nowadays companies need to provide memorable experiences versus a transaction-like exchange. Organizational models are being transformed and adapted to these new realities, to the continued urge for businesses to deliver financial results to shareholders and to younger generations’ expectations of the workplace.The first gathering of the Hacking HR global community in Lausanne took place on March 19th.

The session was focused on «Changing traditional assumptions about how organizations work». Silvina Layani from Bee'z Consulting, moderated the discussion between the participants and the two excellent speakers : Michal Gradstein and Thilo EckhartHacking HR is a global community and we believe that HR can be the most important pioneer and trailblazer to propel organizations and their people forward into the future of work. Our purpose is simple: create the best HR that has ever existed.

We are focused at the intersection of Future Of Work, Technology, and HR.

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