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Here's the best tactic to attract next-generation talent to your organization

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October 7, 2019

“It’s only when you start to really press CEOs on precisely what is the purpose of their business that you realize that they often do not have a clear notion of it,” says Colin Mayer, a professor at the Saïd Business School at Oxford University. “Or it often does boil down — in the case of publicly listed companies — to something about profit, rather than about companies producing goods and services that benefit us as customers and communities and, in the process, producing profits.

Developing a shared sense of meaning inside an enterprise and communicating what the company stands for and "why" it is in business to the external world is a powerful tool for shaping culture, driving innovation, and creating a sustainable organization. This job of “creating meaning” for an organization is one of the most important functions a leader has.

As stated by Majdi B. Abulaban, president of Delphi E/EA, Delphi Engineered Components Group & Delphi Asia Pacific: “If you are in business, you will face disruption and change. Find meaning in what is happening around you. Only then can you explain it and have people embrace it with a common purpose. Only then can you reinvent yourself.”

Let's reflect a bit about this...

  1. Has your organization already figured out what its purpose is, further than being profitable? Why does it exist? How is it contributing to society and your local community ?
  2. Are your leaders communicating your organizational purpose, not only through their words but also through their actions ?
  3. In case they are, are you supporting your "employee ambassadors" to communicate this externally ?
  4. In case your leaders are not yet "walking the talk", what are you waiting to make this happen ?

Attracting the right talent to your organization is a question of survival in our turbulent times. Communicating your organizational purpose is a way of differentiating yourself from other organizations that compete with you for talent

Would you like to look into this topic more seriously and investigate the opportunities that exist for your organization?Then reach out to us and we will be pleased to discuss this and other tactics that can help you attract and retain next-generation talent to your company.

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