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Maximize profits, improve decision making with a balanced scorecard, cultivate a culture of patien safety, and empower high-performing teams.

Unlock your healthcare organisation's full potential with our Profit4Health specialist consulting services and process improvement tools.

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Organizational and Cultural Transformation in Healthcare

Shift to an agile and collaborative culture with our expert guidance. We facilitate efficiency, foster ownership, and promote co-creation for a sustainable and adaptable business environment.

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Digital in Education Services

In today’s fast-moving, competitive world, the academic basics of reading, writing, and mathematics are more important than ever, but they aren’t enough.

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HR Transformation Services for Healthcare Organizations

High-impact HR organizations create experience strategies to understand who their HR customers are, what they need, and the specific HR experiences that matter most to them. The goal is to look beyond developing processes and focus on designing tailored experiences for each customer group, starting with the moments that matter most.

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Change Management Services in Healthcare

In our modern world, fast, effective, sustainable change is the key to successful organizational adaptation, survival, re-invention, and growth.

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Improving the Employee and Patient Experiences in Healthcare

Enhance engagement and satisfaction for both your employees and customers. We design customized strategies that identify and improve key moments, driving connection and growth

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Business Cases / Our Projects

Edwards Lifesciences

Supported the go-live of a functional reorganization and the implementation of a new organizational model at Edwards Lifesciences. Led the communication strategy definition and designed communication collateral material for use with the various stakeholders impacted by the changes.

Led the establishment of a Communication strategy and its execution, including:

1) The Strategy and roadmap definition
2) The development of key messages and content
3) Communication materials development, such as email templates, presentations, flyers, FAQ document, etc.


During this 18-months project, we have supported:

 1) A global transformation impacting the way in which the IT function partners with business to design, deliver and implement solutions to digitalize global operations, sales and marketing, R&D, data and analytics, supply chain, purchasing, human resources, IT platforms and support, and other key areas of the business.
2) An IT operating model change that impacted all employees in the organization
3) The IT platforms and support model
4) And the deployment of Windows 11 on a global scale.

The transformation required new ways of working to enable the business and IT teams to be agile and adaptable, as they deliver value and results in a quicker manner to their customers.
Our approach included:

- the definition and implementation of integrated project and change management strategies and plans,
- sponsorship support for communication and people engagement,
- interaction with C-level executives and global Human Resources teams to support the impacted groups globally,
- development of multiple communication collaterals, including videos, posters, presentations, websites, speech scripts,
- facilitation of sessions with global management and local management to secure an open dialogue, co-construction of the processes, and delivery mechanisms for engagement and employee adoption,
- management and employee training on topics such as feedback, accountability, and collaboration, agile mindset, etc,
- the design of strategies and tactics to measure user and employee pulse and other indicators to allow us to understand how the transformation was perceived and how the organization evolved in the journey to the adoption of the new ways of working and processes.

Intuitive Surgical

Support, enable and coach the new EMEA HR team in the transformation of the regional HR services delivery model, while integrating new team members and establishing effective ways of working in a geographically distributed model.

We designed and delivered a hybrid skills enhancement and coaching program to:

1) Enhance self-awareness
2) Enhance Team efficiency
3) Enhance Ability to work as a distributed team

The workshops were followed by a series of individual coaching sessions to ensure that each team member was able to put into practice and learn how to best use the newly acquired skills on an on going basis, and that they could reflect and learn from their early experiences to consolidate the new skills as they evolved in the new HR Service Delivery model.

Lombard Odier

Delivered a hybrid program to enhance middle management Leadership Skills

The program was delivered over 6 months in various modules to help participants develop the following skills:

1) Leading-Self
2) Leading Teams
3) Leading the Organization The learning modules were followed by individual coaching sessions to support each participant to discuss about any obstacles hindering their path to effective leadership and identify strategies and tactics to overcome them. 

Luc Hoffmann Institute and Unearthodox Foundation


Supported the spin-off of the Luc Hoffmann Institute from WWF International and the constitution and set-up of the new Unearthodox Foundation and start-up of their operations.

Provided Human Resources and Compensation & Benefits advise and led all Human Resources activities in support of the successful spin-off of LHI from WWF International.

Working closely with the WWF People and Culture team, we gained an in-depth understanding of their HR policies and practices, and recommended the best approach to outsource HR and payroll activities at Unearthodox.

Led the Request For Proposal (RFP) and selection of an Employer of Record and Swiss payroll and administration vendors to efficiently outsource HR administration and payroll activities worldwide.

Spearheaded all employee relations activities, the set-up of new insured and non-insured benefits contract negotiations, and led the set-up of new HR policies and practices at Unearthodox.

Provided valuable support throughout the process, ensuring a smooth transition and the establishment of best practices that will benefit the organization for years to come.

Supported the strategy definition on organizational development, competencies and upskilling, performance management, compensation philosophy and practices, employee wellbeing, recruitment, etc.

Acted as a trusted sparring partner for the CEO and COO, providing valuable insights and recommendations to support their decision- making processes.

Customer Testimonials

Global Transformation at BOBST

I am confident what we jointly demonstrated (that our global) IT Transformation (is) a lighthouse to change management.

The two of us partner very well for success.

You with your incredible magician ability and passion to create outstanding content and contexts where I can surf my words out from my heart to our people (and internal customers).

I already see all functions and business adhering to some of our practices, all created and deployed by you and delivered with love from all of us in Group IT.

Group Chief Information Officer

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